Parents' Corner

Thanks for taking an active role in your child's financial education. Together with D'Art and the Money Musketeers Club, we hope you will encourage your child to develop good savings habits and guide them through the learning process.

Don't forget to help your child to save all or a portion of his or her earnings each quarter. D'Art mails a special reward to each Money Musketeer that makes at least one deposit within the quarter. And for each $5 deposit, your child will earn one D'Art Dollar that he or she can save and redeem for cool prizes at the Money Musketeer Treasure Store (100 per year or 25 maximum D'Art Dollars per quarter). The D'Art Dollars your child earns will be reported on their statement and loaded to their Treasure Store account quarterly.

If you have any questions or comments about the Money Musketeers, please email our Marketing Department at

Making a deposit into your Money Musketeer's account? These certificates are a great way to let your Money Musketeer know.

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Advancial is happy to help you make financial education an important part of your child’s life. Here are a couple articles to help you teach your child about saving money. We know you have a full plate as a parent so these articles give you ideas to make life easier with simple tips to cut back on spending and how to get your child started with saving money. With a few small and simple steps to get your child excited about saving money, they can live a lifetime as a conscious consumer.

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