Doing It All With a Smile- Life of a Mom

The life of the working mom is a nonstop juggling act. Whether you’re a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), Work at Home Mom (WAHM), working mom or anything in between, we know you have a full plate. You care for your children, maintain your home, have a career and make time for your partner. Not to mention you have a budget to balance. Advancial has a couple of tips for you to keep your sanity while staying in budget.

Money-Saving Tips
  • Use your local library - you’d be surprised with the variety of books and DVDs your local library branch offers. Save dollars for each DVD and book checked out. They add up!
  • Make your own toys - as you probably know, young children can be entertained by almost anything. You give them a birthday gift and they play with the wrapping paper! Next time, run your baby jar lids through the dishwasher and give them to your child to clatter and play away.
  • Evaluate your shopping options - sometimes buying in bulk is your best option. Take a little time to research your grocery options to find the best prices. If buying bulk is the best option, you can separate food into Ziploc bags for lunches or snacks. Check out these great shopping tips!
  • Look at last year’s model - whether you’re looking for a car seat, stroller, or a bounce chair, your best money-saving option may be last year’s model. Unless there is some extra safety change between models the only difference may be the color scheme and the price.
  • Shop the end of season sale - when you come to the end of the season, figure out what size your children will be next year and buy them some new clothes. Simply store the clothes until next year. You’ll surprise yourself with your great planning skills when it comes time to bring the clothes out the following year!
  • Buy generic - buying store brands is an easy way to save a lot of money, especially on items like plastic wrap, oatmeal or paper towels.
  • Grow your own veggies - not only will this save you money, but it’s a perfect opportunity to entertain the kids and show them to be proud of a little hard work. Growing veggies is a great way to create a hobby for you and to give your family some time away from technology.
  • Invest in a crock pot - not only will this save you time when cooking on your busy schedule it will also help you save money. Simply throw a left over meal and some kitchen staples into a stew and voila! left overs for days. If you have a surplus of vegetables you can cook stew in your crock pot and freeze them for future use, too.
  • Walk instead of driving - if you’re going somewhere less than a mile away, try walking. You’ll save money on gas (and possibly parking). Secondly, you will be helping the environment and giving your child an opportunity to exercise.
  • Ditch the lawn and home cleaning services - if you’re paying a company to maintain your home, cancel your service and create a chore chart! Split up the cleaning duties between you and your family. Reward your children with an allowance and get started in teaching them about earning money.  If your children are too young to work on your lawn and you cannot get to that chore, hire a local teenager. They’ll be appreciative for the work! Visit the link below for some chore ideas for your kids and teens based on age level:
We know a day in your shoes is full of multi-tasking and keeping your cool under pressure. We outlined a lot of ideas to save money in your budget and by only adopting a few of them you’ll save money. Open a savings certificate or savings account at Advancial to build up your funds for a much needed trip or rainy day fund. Go to for more information.

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